Adobe AIR Accent [mood] Light

I’m posting a small AIR project I did a while back. In fact, this was my first AIR app. To that end, there’s no reason this couldn’t be compiled as a Flex app, the use case made more sense as a desktop app and I wanted to get my feet wet with AIR.

Source Code for AirRGB

The application allows the user to select the color displayed of some attached (via serial connection) tri-color LEDs. The program also has the ability to randomly pick two colors and “transition” from one color to the next over a user specified amount of time.

Flash / Air doesn’t allow read / writing to serial ports. The program uses a serial proxy by by Stefano Busti(1999) and David A. Mellis(2005) found at to make this possible. The AIR app then can utilize a socket connection to the proxy.

For those interested here’s a list of the parts used for the light itself:

Arduino USB Board $34.95
LED Light Bar (Tri-Color) $4.95
Darlington Driver 8-Channel ULN2803 DIP $1.95
USB Cable A-B $6.95