Flex 4 Gumbo Compiler Benchmark

‘Benchmark’ is being used pretty loosely here. I just got back from MAX and thought I’d check out the new compiler performance.

In addition to the exciting new display logic separation (Spark Framework), the SDK team has worked on speeding up compilation.

I compiled (incremental build) a project containing 57K lines of code (34K AS3, 23K MXML) under the 3.1 SDK via FlexBuilder. The compile took 40 seconds.

I then pointed FlexBuilder to the Flex 4.0.0 SDK. Make sure you update the ‘Require Flash Player Version’ on the Flex Compiler settings page to 10.0.0. If not you will receive errors including

1046 type was not found or was not a compile-time constant Matrix3D

After building the project I then preformed the same incremental build under 4.0.0 (Gumbo). The compile took 25 seconds.


SDK 3.1: 40 seconds
SDK 4.0.0 (Gumbo): 25 seconds

That’s not too bad, only ~62% of my original compile time.

MAX 2008 Pre-Event Summary

Okay, the first day of Adobe MAX 2008 is winding down. MAX is being held in San Francisco this year.

Today included registration and full day labs.


The badges got a technology upgrade this year, no bar codes this year, rather an RFID name badge. The local electronic stores are closed for the night – if I can find some time, it might be a fun project to grab an RFID reader and write up a quick AIR app (this *is* an Adobe conference after all 🙂 to look at the data on the card. The information kiosks include RFID reader/writers that you use to ‘update’ your badge as you change / update your session schedule.


A few of the new features of the next FlexBuilder and AIR Runtime did slip out today. It’s not my place to ‘scoop’ that info – so I’ll wait to post until the general / official announcements are made in the next few days 🙂

Looks like Max 2009 will be on the West Coast again, this time in Los Angeles (Oct 4-7).

For those PureMVC developers out there, Cliff Hall will be broadcasting on Tuesday afternoon from the Marriott.

If your attending Max this year, feel free to drop me a line.