Dashboards…Flex's Sweet Spot

Thanks Adobe!!!

I’ve taken on a number of Flex projects over the past 2-3 years. In that time I’ve used Flex to meet many types of business needs. I’ve spent the last few months working on a enterprise dashboard application built with Flex. This past week the time came for the executives’ ‘sneek peek’ of the project’s progress. The feedback, in their words,

“Beyond all expectation.”

I can’t remember having more fun architecting and implementing a project. Dashboards seem to be Flex’s ‘sweet spot’, IMHO. Adobe [Flex] provides so rich a toolset for this type of project, one can’t help but have fun working on dashboards with Flex. Talking with other local Flex developers only resonates the view that Flex + Dashboards are a perfect fit. So once again, thanks to Adobe for this great product, it’s been an absolute joy to work with.

FYI, the project is using Flex, AMFPHP 1.9, ActiveMQ JMS + BlazeDS, Multicore PureMVC, PureMVC’s Pipes, MySQL to name a few (i.e. a mouthful of open source technologies). BTW, it scales beautifully with dynamic modules using PureMVC Pipes. Thanks too, to Cliff Hall for PureMVC!!

For those pessimists our there, I can post again once I’ve developed the printouts (Printing is notoriously painful in Flex :)).

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